Visit The Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

In Arizona and many other states, the question “where can I buy marijuana?” has been answered through legalized sales and use of cannabis flower and other products. As of April 2021, 17 U.S. states have legalized medical and adult recreational use cannabis and other derivative products for sale in licensed and regulated cannabis dispensaries, including Arizona.

Of course, all Arizona legal cannabis sales are subject to the state’s 5.6 percent sales tax, plus there are additional city and county taxes that range from 0.25 percent to 4 percent, medical cardholder fees, and renewals. Recreational use dispensaries are the easiest option for buying quality cannabis products legally.

Legal cannabis products are cultivated, harvested, processed and infused according to strict regulatory law to ensure safety and quality. And of course, legal cannabis cultivation, harvesting and processing for sale in recreational and medical dispensaries are one of the leading sources of new jobs. Tax revenues from workers and customers flow into the economy and state programs, too.

While Arizona state law does place restrictions on the quantities and potency of flower and cannabis products for recreational sales—the allowances of cannabis flower or the equivalent in other products are generous enough to keep most people happy. Resident cannabis enthusiasts or those who are curious to learn more about the buzz around cannabis can now legally purchase up to 1 ounce of flower, 100mg packages of edibles up to the equivalent of one ounce, as well as other products for consumption, or grow up to six plants at home. The expert advice from experienced budtenders means you can find the recreational cannabis products to suit your desired experience. Higher potency and quantities are available for medical cannabis patients, who also received a tax break once they have their medical cannabis card.

According to the TaxJar blog, in Arizona, medical cannabis is subject to transaction privilege tax (TPT), which is Arizona’s version of sales tax. Medical cannabis is subject to the same state and local TPT as other purchases. However, unlike recreational cannabis, it is not subject to an additional excise tax.

Still not sure where you can buy marijuana legally in Arizona? Here’s a helpful list of medical and recreational dispensary locations in Arizona. Interested in another state or thinking of traveling and want to know where you can buy marijuana legally? See a full map of the United States of Legal Weed here.