“……. For everyone, I just want to educate them to know that there’s nuance here. And when you try different flower, ask yourself, how does this taste? What flavors do I taste? Do I like it? Do I not like it? And then compare it to how you feel a couple minutes later.”

These are becoming more common refrains. Numerous industry members who recently spoke with CBT say that multiple cannabis compounds, such as terpenes and minor cannabinoids, at least in part epitomize the benefits of the plant.

But that’s not exactly how many cannabis consumers and patients are shopping for or interacting with their product. Many businesses in the cannabis industry continue to produce products with the highest amount of THC possible to match consumer and patient knowledge and demand.

Others might be fudging the numbers. An ongoing issue, cannabis industry members say, is that many U.S. cannabis businesses are “shopping” for testing laboratories that will provide the highest—that is, fraudulent—flower and concentrate THC potency results and marketing inaccurate results on produce labels. ……”

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