INDUSTRY LEADERS, FROM LEFT: Maxime Kot, the Cannabis Business Advisors; Ann Torrez, Arizona Dispensaries Association; Clark Wu, Bianchi & Brandt; Marie Saloum, Greenpharms; Lilach Power, Giving Tree Dispensary; Delano Phillips, Hana Dispensary; Demitri Downing, MITA; Susan Hwang, Best Dispensary; Ashlynn Miller, Lapé; Raul Molina, the Mint; Moe Asnani, Downtown Dispensary; and Rocky Huang, Timeless. Not shown: Arvin Saloum. (Photos by Carl Schultz of Schultz Digital)

Achieving success in the cannabis industry is no easy feat. On top of the general barriers to entry, minorities face even more obstacles breaking into a competitive and highly regulated market. But that doesn’t stop the tenacious entrepreneurs in the Arizona industry who, despite stiff competition, have forged their own paths even with little representation in their field and have become the most influential minorities in the Arizona cannabis industry for 2024.