Extensive archaeological evidence suggests humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years, but until relatively recently, it only came in a few forms. Extracts of the plant Cannabis sativa, often called marijuana, have long been used in teas, oils and concentrated forms like hashish and charas, which are condensed resins from the plant. Of course, the most popular way to intake cannabis, even today, is by smoking the dried flowers of the plant.

But these days, there’s no end to the different ways of ingesting cannabis. It comes in vape pens, nasal sprays, dissolvable sublingual tablets, rectal or vaginal suppositories, skin creams and much more. Cannabis oils and tinctures can be concentrated into edibles, like candy, chocolate or carbonated drinks. The range of edible cannabis products is as extensive as any convenience store’s selection: there are chocolate bars of all shapes and sizes, hard candies, sodas, cookies, pastries, and more.

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