Missouri is one of 37 states with legal access to medical marijuana.

In the four years since the program was approved by Missouri voters, it’s grown to having dispensaries and cultivators in nearly every corner of the state.

Nearly 50 cultivation facilities are approved to operate in the state. There are over 190 licensed marijuana dispensaries across Missouri. Those support the over 187,000 Missourians who have medical marijuana licenses with qualifying conditions ranging from cancer to migraines to chronic pain to psychological dependence.

Medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri during the November 2018 election thanks to a citizen initiative petition, a Missouri process that allows everyday people to amend the state constitution with a ballot item if they garner enough of the public’s support. With over 65% of the public voting in favor, Amendment 2 as Article XIV Section 1, “Right to access medical marijuana,” was added to the Missouri Constitution.

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