Practice Area

Unparalleled Experience Keeping Clients Compliant.

Cannabis laws and regulations are constantly changing, making it hard to maintain compliance. That’s why clients turn to us for assistance with all aspects of their business, including assisting them through the administrative law process and representing them before regulatory agencies.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, so we know their business goals and how they operate. Doing so enables us to proactively identify any regulatory issues at the outset and develop comprehensive plans of corrections. This approach, along with our practice of establishing and maintaining trusted relationships with regulators, allows us to better advocate and negotiate on behalf of our clients.

Our services and areas of expertise include:

State Agency Relations [+]

We have unparalleled experience and relationships – including partnering with regulators in the development of Arizona’s rulemaking process for the adult use marijuana program. Our expertise is so highly regarded that regulators in other states seek our advice when developing their own cannabis programs.

Proactive Risk Management [+]

To ensure we understand a regulator’s perspectives, we constantly communicate with them on topics ranging from new or modified rules, regulatory enforcement, to the latest industry innovations.

Administrative Law [+]

To resolve compliance issues early on, we routinely engage in informal settlement processes and dispute resolution proceedings with regulators. To date, we have an excellent record of negotiating comprehensive consent agreements – with not a single one of our clients losing their cannabis license.

Regulatory Compliance Management [+]

We help clients prepare and submit all applications related to cannabis operations and facilities, including site and floor plans. We also help clients maintain comprehensive policies and procedures for retail, cultivation, manufacturing, and processing operations. And we develop employee handbooks and HR procedures so that workers understand all state-specific requirements, enabling businesses to remain compliant.