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Employment Law Compliance is Getting More Confusing Every Day. We’ll Help You Make Sense of It.

The list of federal, state, and local laws impacting the employment relationship is constantly growing. At the same time, federal and state employment-related agencies, like the National Labor Relations Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Department of Labor are aggressively enforcing existing laws against employers. The resulting compliance challenge requires employers to take steps to proactively address these issues. Even inadvertent failure to comply with these law regulations can be costly for businesses, leading to employee turnover, lawsuits, and potential union organizing. That’s why our Employment Law experts guide businesses through all the legal requirements to make sure they understand their obligations.

And while our preference is to help our clients avoid litigation with their employees, we also work with our clients to efficiently address any litigation that may arise relating to the employment relationship and guide them through any investigations or prosecutions brought by governmental agencies.

Our services and areas of expertise include:

Employment Litigation [+]

Businesses can be sued for any number of reasons by employees who believe they’ve been wronged. It could be an issue related to minimum wage, overtime pay, meals, or breaks. For sick leave, or family and medical leave, perceived harassment, or civil rights violations—the list goes on. Our team of experienced litigation attorneys vigorously defend our clients to protect their reputation and financial wellbeing.

Labor Management Relations [+]

The relationship that employers have with their workforce is a critical element to the success of any business. Following decades of decline, labor unions are seeing a dramatic resurgence. It is important for employers to understand their obligations under the National Labor Relations Act and what steps they can take to proactively address possible union organizing. Our team has significant experience helping employers implement positive labor relations strategies.

Employer Policies, Procedures, and Handbooks [+]

The law is constantly changing and so is the need for employers to review their policies for compliance. We help prepare and review company policies and handbooks to ensure your organization is compliant with all federal and state employee rules and regulations. We also conduct training for management on a wide range of compliance issues.

Employment Relationships [+]

While employment relationships in Arizona are at-will and can be severed by either the employee or the employer, it’s still important to create effective and defensible employment practices and policies. And when employment contracts are involved, it’s especially important to clearly define the relationship to avoid future litigation based on claims of wrongful termination or breach of contract.

Severance Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, and Non-Solicitation Agreements [+]

To avoid future litigation, our team of labor and employment experts will help craft agreements to ensure they’re legally compliant and enforceable, and with nuanced language that addresses your company’s specific needs or circumstances.

Executive Employment Agreements [+]

When hiring a new executive, or renegotiating an agreement with an existing one, it’s important to think through all the details such as: bonus compensation, equity stakes, stock options or awards, additional vacation time, relocation assistance and more. All this makes the agreements more challenging to draft. We’ll help ensure that your executive employment agreements are clearly written to avoid any misunderstandings about performance requirements which could lead to litigation.