Practice Area

We’re Not Just Lawyers. We’re Strategic Business Advisors.

We support clients of all types and sizes by providing outside general counsel and other fractional services. Many lawyers can become impediments to closing deals or business growth. But we’re different. We help businesses grow because we understand the dynamics of balancing risk mitigation with expansion opportunities.

Our approach is built on trusted relationships with our clients and professional partners. We take the time to really understand your strengths, weaknesses, needs, and goals. And we leverage our institutional knowledge of your business to help us provide services that are efficient and cost-effective. Whether you’re a startup or an international company, this means we can handle many different matters at once, making us a “one-stop shop” for all your diverse needs.

Our services and areas of expertise include:

Comprehensive Legal Services [+]

We have extensive experience advising companies of all sizes in various industries, which includes working side by side with their executive teams, board of directors, investors, and key decision makers. We’re experts with versatile backgrounds who can see the big picture while helping clients diagnose and address a wide range of issues and liabilities, often before they even take root. We also understand the fast-paced changes and unforeseen challenges that come with managing a business and we help our clients strategically plan and pivot quickly when faced with the unexpected.

Practical Guidance [+]

We partner with clients to create solutions that fit their unique needs, drawing on our years of experience advising businesses that are growing quickly and trying new things. We’ve seen many deals and learned a lot from a diverse book of clients operating in various industries. And we leverage that experience to provide practical solutions that support your day-to-day operations. We think like entrepreneurs who also know the law, not like lawyers who only focus on rules and risks in a vacuum.

Proactive Risk Management [+]

Every business decision involves risk. We help you assess and balance risk, providing greater opportunities for advancement and long-term success. Whether you’re hiring new talent, acquiring an asset, or entering a new market, we’ll help you navigate the most profitable risks and challenges in any decision your business makes.

Strategic Relationships [+]

We have an extensive network of strategic relationships in many different industries. When we use these trusted relationships, our clients can save both time and money. You don’t have to waste resources searching for a particular expertise—we take care of everything.