AZ Attorney: Arizona Lawyers Confront the COVID Landscape

Justin Brandt: We are very collaborative in our office, and it’s definitely an adjustment to not have the ability to interact with our clients and team in the same space.

As a law firm, we have become more flexible in this new environment. Our perspective has shifted, and changing deadlines and extensions are a part of this process, whether it involves adverse parties, opposing counsel, or our clients, we realize there are other factors at play.

I am working from the office only because my kids have turned my home office into a fort. I love my kids more than anything, but it can be hard to get things done. Despite my routine staying relatively consistent to how it was pre-COVID, I feel even more pressure to be home with my family.

Biggest takeaway: It’s reinforced that we are very adaptable and soldier on when times are challenging.

Laura Bianchi: Operationally, I think we are all enjoying the more relaxed daytime attire, I’m sure many hope at least that aspect of this situation will continue.

Overall, I do believe everyone has become a bit friendlier and engaged during this time. You see a lot more smiles and friendly waves on that walk around the neighborhood, which is a silver lining amidst all the hardships. If nothing else, I believe this experience is changing our priorities and in many ways our perspective on life, and I believe that’s a positive.

Biggest takeaway: How valuable social interaction is for our mind, body, and spirit. I didn’t realize how much I valued the simple things that we often take for granted.

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